Hedgerow Harvest

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Ever wondered what a morel looks like?  What about a Lion’s Mane?  Through many wanderings through the woods, we’ve collected photos to showcase the beauty of mushrooms in the wild.

I suppose, since this is a photo page, I should post some photos!

Spring is morel season!  Morels are crafty little buggers.  They are incredibly distinctive, but damned if you can see them!  I know one mushroom hunter who breaks out his dried morels from last year and stares at them for three months starting in January to train his eyes.  His wife has one preserved as a pencil topper.

Here in Georgia, these beautiful beasties are only about 2-4″ tall.  You have to find a lot of them to make a meal, but they are so worth the effort!  We just saute them in butter and garlic.  They taste like steak.  If we only find a few at a time, we add them to a mushroom medley and sing the praises of the Fungi Gods!

Here are some more pictures I took this March:

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