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The Mushroom That Ate the Blob

A particularly fascinating article was published In the July 15, 2011 issue of American Society for Microbiology.  This article addresses an issue that has far-reaching implications for modern society. First, a sidebar. Fungi and bacteria are the mac-daddy decomposers of organic matter on earth.  Without the decomposition of dead matter, we’d be covered in last …

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Almost “Pizza”

Saturday Night Live is known for their hilarity.  I’ve been watching the show since John Belushi was cutting up with a samurai sword (that should give you an idea of how old I am). If you’ve read the home page of this site, you’ll know Bear and I have no love for processed food.  Which …

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The Monster Mush

Bear and I went to school at Appalachian State University.  Boone is like a second home to us.  The mountains are in our blood. When The Cub ™ was in 7th grade, she was accepted to and attended Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (TIP).  That’s a long way of saying “summer camp for smart kids.” …

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The Dangers of Raw Mushrooms

We got a comment for the post on Gluten-free Pasta.  Robbie mentioned raw food.  The raw food movement makes a lot of sense, because, duh, you are eating the whole food, nothing processed.  It’s a great idea.  Just not for mushrooms.  Here’s why. As you can tell from the site, I’m a bit of a …

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Gluten-free Pasta

I’ve been experimenting with pasta.  We don’t eat a lot of pasta in our house.  Actually, let me correct that, we don’t eat any pasta in our house.  We follow the “if it’s white, don’t eat it” rule. Pasta, like bread, is made from wheat.  Duh.  The problem with modern wheat is it has been …

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