Hedgerow Harvest

Sustain, Retain, Maintain

About Bunny and Bear


Bunny is the cute one.  She’s also the one who’s gone off the deep end when it comes to mushrooms.  If you ever want to find her, she’ll be out in the woods after every rainfall, poking under logs, sweeping aside fallen leaves, contracting cases of poison ivy, and tracking all sorts and sundry woodland debris into the house.  You should see her hair (hare?) after a trip through the forest.  Nightmare doesn’t cover it.

AKA Susan


Bear really likes to think of himself as a the lump in the corner.  The truth of the matter is none of the magic on Hedgerow Harvest could happen without him.  Bear is the maintainer of the schedule, the taker out of garbage, the washer of laundry, the cutter of grass, and, best of all, the guinea pig on which Bunny gets to ‘speriment.  He’s the strong back who gives Bunny weak knees.  It’s legal though, we’ve been married 26 years and counting.

AKA David

We are quite proud of our offspring.  We call her The Cub ™.  She’s studying biology on a pre-med track.  Her freshman year, she beat out upperclassmen for a grant to create her own research project.  Her project involved a forensic analysis of flies on exposed pig carcasses, à la CSI.  O, the conversations we had that summer!  “What are you doing today, Cub?”  “I’m going to the lab to boil maggots.”  “That’s nice, dear.”

Our daughter is quite talented.  Her artistic forte is acrylic paint.  She came home from college recently with a gift for her old Mom n Dad.  I used up a box of tissues to dry my eyes and blow my nose.

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