Hedgerow Harvest

Sustain, Retain, Maintain


Hedgerow Harvest is an idea that has been long in coming.  This idea was born of our love for the environment, and food.  Ever heard the old saying, “You are what you eat”?  We realized that the chemicals, hormones, and other nastiness contained in our food was not giving us what we wanted.  The older we got, the worse we felt.  Until we changed our eating habits.

The idea behind Hedgerow Harvest is to be responsible for our lives, to eat and live mindfully.

That’s all well and good, but how?  That’s what this website is all about.


The food system in the United States is making us sick, literally.  Over the past few decades, obesity has grown (pun intended) to be one of the major health problems we face.  Factory farms pollute the environment, giant agribusinesses are creating “Franken-foods” and “Super Weeds”, the inhumane treatment of food animals is horrific, and forcing herbivores to eat animal by-products has created previously unknown diseases in humans, just to name a few of the major problems facing our food system.  Sustainable living is of paramount importance for our health, the environment, and our future.


Mushrooms are incredibly versatile.  Not only are they yummy, they are much more nutritionally complete than once thought.  Mushrooms, in clinical studies conducted worldwide, have shown incredible cancer and other disease fighting ability.  Plus, they increase the overall health of people who consume them.  This page will cover some of the most recent clinical studies, as well as general nutrition provided by mushrooms.


Mushrooms are part of the Fifth Kingdom, that of the Fungi.  Mushrooms are more closely related to animals than plants.  Some even get up and move around when the need arises!  Come to this page for fascinating facts about the World of Mushrooms.


Where in the world are the most delectable delicacies found?  What do they look like?  Let’s take a trip and see!


Mushrooms are delicious.  There is no doubt about that!  Find healthy, and simple, recipes to delight the taste-buds and satisfy the soul.  Ever wondered what wine goes with mushrooms?  Find out here!

Tall Tales:

A funny thing happened in the woods…


Not sure about your Hedgerow Harvesting capabilities?  Don’t want to make these ingredients yourself?  Not a problem!  View our mushroom products here, everything from recycling kits to mushroom ingredients.

Photography and Art:

Ever wondered what a morel looks like?  What about a Lion’s Mane?  Through many wanderings through the woods, we’ve collected photos to showcase the beauty of mushrooms in the wild.  We’ve also included here mushroom-based art.  Art?  Really?  Mushrooms make fine inks and dyes.  From these we’ve created pen and ink drawings and watercolors to add beauty to your world.


What’s going on in the world?  How are people using mushrooms to change the world?  What are the new discoveries that benefit the environment and our health?  Find out here as we interview the famous, and soon-to-be-famous.


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